Business Templates Provide Guidance for Year-end Issues

AMF's templates are very useful during annual reviews and for showing your management team your vision for 2010.

The following templates are currently available to all members by logging on the AMF website and going to the Instructor Business Templates page. They were designed with input from AMF's Instructor Division members and are the most instructor-specific business templates every created for an ever growing variety of business situations. We will add more templates in the future and we are always looking for member feedback for improvements for our current templates. We hope you find these documents to be very useful.

Instructor Operations and Compensation Survey
AMF's Instructor Division conducts an annual comprehensive compensation and operations survey of our members. This database can then be utilized by all members to make valuable comparisons between similar facilities. Most importantly, the information collected in this survey is protected by a confidentiality agreement.  The goal is to create an avenue by which our members can make one phone call to gather all comparable operating data they may need instead of making numerous contacts in an attempt to cultivate this information on their own. Contact the AMF office for a customized version of this survey at 908-234-0021.

Action Plan/Director of Instruction Job Description Template
Since many golfers are new to the game, it has forced instructors to find clear and concise ways to illustrate their full value and the wide scope of services that they provide to their facility. 
    The Action Plan Template is designed to be utilized as a tool to develop and convey your vision to the leaders of your facility. AMF has also included a template for your own comprehensive job description that properly and fully illustrates your diverse job responsibilities.

Annual Report Template
This template has been designed to make it easy for you to create an annual report for your facility management and leadership that exemplifies your expertise and accomplishments in a clear and concise manner. AMF believes that regular, detailed communications between our members and their managers is the best way to preserve and grow your job. It is recommended that this template be used at the end of each season for seasonal instructor positions and at the end of the calendar year for all full-time positions.

Resume Evaluation Template
The following template may be used to evaluate your professional resume. It will help you to determine if your resume incorporates the necessary information in all critical areas of administering an instruction program. Additional information has been included to provide you with the background necessary to make an effective presentation to potential employers.

If you have any questions about any of the templates, please contact Ryan Hart, Director of Member Services at 908-234-0021 or contact me at your convenience at 203-219-2241.


Lorin Anderson, Executive Director