GBN Instructor Division Becomes Proponent Group

Independent Company Formed: Will Focus Exclusively on Golf Instructor Needs

June 18, 2012

Dear Instructor Division Members,

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have purchased in full the assets of the Instructor Division Class of Golf Business Network, LLC and relocated its operations to Orlando.

Effective today, the former GBN Instructor Division is a new and independent company called Proponent Group®. Our tagline is: The Premier Network for Golf Instructors, a phrase that reflects our members’ professional excellence and will guide the everyday operations of the company.

Proponent simply means “one who supports or advocates for.” Most of you already know I am a vocal proponent of high-quality golf instruction and high-quality careers for teachers of golf who provide this valuable service.

All current members of GBN's Instructor Division will continue to receive all the same membership benefits under Proponent Group. All the educational materials, business templates and presentations have been transferred to Your GBN user name and password will be your login ID for the new site.

Every business evolves over time and after five years since our original launch it turns out to be the right time for the Instructor Division to take one more evolutionary step. This important shift will create new levels of service and creative solutions along with much greater administrative efficiency.

I want to thank Bob Mulcahy, Golf Business Network CEO, and everyone I've had the pleasure of working with at GBN for the past five years. Collaboration with the GBN group made it possible for me to launch my dream of helping the industry’s dedicated golf instructors achieve their business and career goals.

Bob will be a consultant for Proponent Group to assist our members with their contract negotiations and job-search issues – two areas where Bob has an unparalleled record of having helped hundreds of pros over the past decade.

I look forward to speaking with you in the days ahead about your career needs and our plans to assist you in new and more effective ways from our new Florida headquarters. You will receive the first Proponent Group newsletter tomorrow with more details about our soon-to-be-enhanced benefits. The new website is live and operating as of this morning—please check it out when you have a moment.

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns as personal service will continue to be the hallmark of how we do business and I’m always happy to discuss any issues you may be facing.


Lorin Anderson, Proponent Group Founder and President