2012 Golf Academy Operations Survey Summary is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the second annual GBN Golf Academy Operations Survey Summary is now available to all Instructor Division members.

This survey is the most detailed data regarding golf academy operations gathered anywhere.

The 9-page summary can be downloaded by scrolling to the bottom of the Business Templates in the Instructors menu page after logging onto the members' only website.

The following are just some of the interesting facts/trends to come out of the new survey:
  • The highest percentage of gross lesson revenue retained by any staff instructor averaged 71% and the highest paid academy staff instructor averaged $73,118 in cash compensation.
  • 65% of the academies have a written letter of agreement or contract with their staff instructors up from 55% last year. 
  • The only three benefits provided by more than half the academies to their staff teachers are: Facility playing privileges, training aids/teaching technologies and scheduling software.
  • 30% of academies claim their teachers as employees, 60% claim them as independent contractors and 10% of academies claim a mixture of both.
  • Half the academies have a staff instructor charged with managing the day-to-day operations for the academy with the median cash compensation for these duties of $12,000 annually.
  • 55% of the academies pay rent or lease their space. The average monthly payment for those who rent/lease is $1,924 per month.
  • 40% of academies have a part- or full-time sales person on staff.
  • The typical academy has a median of 2,500 email addresses in their database and 85% of academies have access to sending messages out to their facility's email database with a median of another 5,000 addresses.
  • 85% of academies now have their own Facebook page, up from 71% last year.
  • 60% of academies have their own YouTube channel up from 35% last year.
  • 55% of academies now have their own Twitter account, this is unchanged from last year's survey.
  • 40% of academies are spending at least 3 hours per week updating social media, up from 24% last year.
Download the entire report to see how you compare in nearly 40 categories.

A big thank you to all of our members who participated in this critical survey and we look forward to having everyone participate in next year's survey.


Lorin Anderson, Instructor Division Executive Director