Literary Agent for Golf Instruction Book Projects

    The Allen O'Shea Literary Agency, based in Stamford, CT, focuses on core nonfiction categories and featured fiction projects and has a lot of experience in selling sports and, in particular, golf titles. Their own extensive career experience in editorial, publishing, sales and marketing of books enhances the goals of their clients. They are regularly called upon to scout for major publishers and have sold hundreds of books to major publishers.
    Marilyn Allen is a literary agent with over 25 years sales and marketing experience, last as Senior Vice President, Associate Publisher, and Director of Marketing for HarperCollins. Allen has also worked for Simon and Schuster and Penguin Books.
    Coleen O'Shea is a literary agent with over 25 years editorial and packaging experience, last as Executive Editor at Bantam Books.

Allen O'Shea will offer a free consultation to any AMF member who may be considering writing a book. The consultation may include a review of the current market for golf books, feedback on your ideas for the book, detailed information about writing a book proposal for publishers and suggestions for how to create marketing leverage when the book is completed.

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AMF member contact is Marilyn Allen at 203-359-9965 or you may email Marilyn at