Video and Television Production Services

KO-MAR Productions, based in Palm Beach, FL, has been in the video and television production business for 26 years and has developed a strong expertise in the golf industry. KO-MAR joins AMF Golf Management as one of our allied companies that has a proven track record and industry-leading expertise in filming golf tournaments, golf instruction, awards videos, televlsion commercials and infomercials. KO-MAR's golf clients include:
  • The PGA of America
  • PGA Tour Productions
  • Golf Digest
  • Golf Magazine
  • Travel and Leisure Golf
  • Jack Nicklaus Inc.
  • Greg Norman Design
  • The Booklegger
KO-MAR's projects have included national golf instructional DVD projects for Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers: The More Series" and Golf Digest’s “Jim McLean Drills” series and the soon to be released digitally re-mastered “Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus.”  KO-MAR has also done instruction video work with The Airport Channel and The Booklegger and recently completed a significant Junior Golf DVD with the PGA of America’s Met Section.  Each one of the above projects was produced entirely by KO-MAR.  Additionally we have worked and or shot with nationally known instructors including David Leadbetter, Jim Flick, Laird Small, Randy Smith, Martin Hall and Dr. Gary Wiren.

Besides golf instruction, KO-MAR has produced multiple award winning national TV Specials and commercials on an annual basis for the PGA of America. KO-MAR also produced multiple golf marketing projects and commercials for clients like Greg Norman Design, Jack Nicklaus Inc., and developers including Potomac Harbor and Amelia National and resorts including Mid-Pines & Pine Needles and PGA Village. We also recently completed a historic retrospective for Brooklawn Country Club in Connecticut.

KO-MAR's internet projects include work for both Golf Digest and Travel and Leisure Golf magazines.  We have also done extensive work for Grip it Golf (Smart Stick Laser Trainer) and the D2 Swing Trainer.

KO-MAR is offering two exclusive discount programs to AMF members. These discounts are not offered by KO-MAR to anyone else.

Marketing/Historical Videos for Golf Clubs
KO-MAR has done numerous marketing/historical videos for golf resorts and golf clubs around the country.  Any AMF Member or member's club which hirs KO-MAR will receive the first 100 DVDs of the project free including packaging, authoring and encoding.

Golf Instruction
As you know Instruction projects can run the gamut from major multiple-camera national projects to a single instructor's need for content to go on his or her website. As an incentive to AMF Members KO-MAR will offer the first 100 DVD’s of the project free including packaging, authoring and encoding.

Visit KO-MAR's website at www.ko-mar.com.

AMF member contact at KO-MAR is Jim Gallagher at 561-662-8400 or 561-671-3745 or you may email Jim at jg@ko-mar.com.