Subject: The Next Step On Your Path of Excellence

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and GBN Member, Charlie King has created something that may be a great addition to your knowledge and skill base.

Charlie looked at our industry and found it in need of an upgrade. He looked at teaching holistically and contrasted the “Old Rules” with the “New Rules”. When he finished, he had created a standard for teaching that has nine key areas.

He has a program called New Rules Golf Coach Certification that I recommend you check into if you haven't already. It will potentially make you a more complete teacher and a better marketer so that you have a better financial future.

When you click below, you will be taken to a page that explains the New Rules Golf Coach Certification.

Charlie has been a speaker at a variety of GBN events over the past five years and has consistently been one of the highest rated speakers in our history. He is a big picture thinker who has a solution to the problem of a disjointed or non-existent standard in teaching. I believe he's on to something very valuable for any serious instructor and for every GBN member who takes part in his program, a portion of the fee will go towards funding GBN educational events throughout the year.


Lorin Anderson