Instructor Commission Structure Template for Multi-Instructor Operations

A big thank you to GBN member Tom Harlan for sharing this Instructor Commission Structure template that he designed for use at multiple instructor operations.

This Excel file provides the template for a scaleable lesson revenue split calculator. This template may be used to motivate your staff instructors by creating a sliding scale so that if they teach more lessons during a specific time frame such as a month or year, their percentage would increase as they teach more. This compensation system is common in most sales-driven industries and can provide higher incentive and engagement from staff instructors to grow their business.

At many facilities using a standard lesson split, the most motivated, best teachers end up paying more rent than the less motivated teachers who have the same access to the facilities. This revenue split calculator allows for you to provide your best teachers with a cap on what they must pay back to the facility after a certain dollar or lesson volume threshold is met. When they konw they have the opportunity to keep 100% after reaching the cap, they have significant motivation to generate their maximum lesson volume each month.

All of the cells in yellow on this spreadsheet may be changed to fit your needs including: Revenue percentage splits, Instuctor lesson rates, hours taught and total revenues.

To download the template, simply log on to, and click on Business Templates in the Instructors menu in the left column. Then scroll down to the third template.