A Call for Sample Contracts

GBN is updating and expanding our sample  employment contracts archive

We get many requests from members for sample contracts for various types of positions and, while we have sample contract templates currently on the GBN website, we are working to improve the quality and depth of these templates.

At this time, I am asking members to email their employment contracts - if you are willing to share - to landerson@golfbusinessnetwork.com. We will review all submitted contracts to create a more detailed master document for each of the various job types/situations detailed below. These documents will provide more useful guidance for you and your legal representatives at the time your next contract is being drawn up.

You are welcome to remove all identifying information such as facility name, teacher name, compensation amounts, etc. Even if you don't delete these identifiers, we will do so at this end and we will only use generic sections from any one contract. No document that we post on the members website will be indentifiable in any way to a specific teacher or facility.

We are looking for contracts and letters of agreement for the following situations:
  • Director of Instruction at a private club
  • Director of Instruction at a public facility
  • Staff or Head Instructor at a golf academy
  • Lease or Rental agreement between a golf academy and a facility
  • Lease or Rental agreement between an individual teacher and a facility
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Creating more detailed contract templates is just one more benefit you have access to as a member of GBN.


Lorin Anderson, Executive Director