New Certified Golf Coaches Association
Training Dates Announced

“It’s about more than perfecting your students’ golf swings!”

Dr. Rick Jensen announces that the next Certified Golf Coaching training sessions will be December 5-8, 2011 at PGA National Resort and Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL; January 21-24, 2012 in Orlando, FL and March 26-29, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. The first two certification course have sold out so don't wait until the last minute to register.

Are you looking to expand your teaching business, coaching expertise and professional credentials?  In collaboration with top sport scientists in the golf industry, Dr. Rick Jensen provides golf coaches with golf-specific education and training in:


  • Facilitating skill acquisition and accelerating learning
  • The application of sport science (motor learning, fitness, biomechanics and sport psychology)
  • Assessing essential golf skills
  • Applying practice and feedback strategies
  • Motivating and communicating with students
  • Transferring skills to the golf course
  • Training mental toughness and self-management


  • Making money: Increasing your income and profitability
  • Growing your coaching business year-over-year
  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Differentiating your coaching from traditional teaching
  • Marketing and promoting your coaching business

Certification is for established, experienced, motivated professionals only!
The Certified Golf Coach designation is an advanced certification for established golf professionals with prior experience in the golf industry. The curriculum is designed for those who have significant golf teaching experience and the desire and ability to:

  • Increase Your Coaching Effectiveness
  • Credential Yourself as an Expert
  • List Your Services on Our Certified Golf Coach On-Line Locator
  • Further Your Professional Development
  • Collaborate with a Network of Certified Golf Coaches
  • Learn the Best Practices of Top Golf Coaches

Costs for certification includes a one-time fee of $1,495 for the 3˝ day Coach Training Program and an annual membership fee of $295.  For more about becoming a Certified Golf Coach visit or call 954-752-3333.

Here's what teachers who have attended say about becoming a Certified Golf Coach:

“There is nothing else like this in the world of golf instruction. This program answers all those questions in the back of my head for all these years about why my students didn’t progress faster. Dr. Rick brings a fresh perspective to coaching golfers that has transformed my ability to get students to the next level. This is a game changer for our profession!”

 Cheryl Anderson, Director of Instruction

2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

Mike Bender Golf Academy

Lake Mary, FL


“Do you want to have an immediate and meaningful impact with your students?  Do you want to attend a program that WILL make an immediate and meaningful impact on your life?  If so, this program is one of the few imperative programs that any serious golf instructor MUST attend.

This class covers guides you in the steps it takes to go from acceptable to exceptional teaching. You simply owe it to yourself and your students to take a very careful look at what it offers.  In fact, call me and I'll answer any questions you may have personally–and no, I do not get a commission–this program is just that important to your success.”

 Dom DiJulia, PGA Master Professional

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Dom DiJulia School of Golf

New Hope, PA


"I cannot think of a more qualified person that I could have spent four days with than Dr. Rick Jensen. It was a wonderful learning experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about being the best teacher and coach they can be."

Joey Wuertemberger

Jim McLean Golf Schools

Ft. Worth, TX


 “This program is brilliant!  Thank you, Dr. Jensen, for paving the way to a more effective approach to golf instruction.  The Certified Golf Coaches Association is the answer that our entire industry has needed for a long time. I can't imagine any serious golf instructor who would pass on it.

As an industry, our approach to golf instruction is broken. This is the missing piece. Everyone who is serious about teaching will realize this eventually... hopefully sooner rather than later. It lays out a thorough strategy for developing a player through their entire process of improvement and the best part is it works with every swing methodology.”

Trillium Sellers, Teaching Professional

Chevy Chase C.C.

Chevy Chase, MD


“Dr. Rick Jensen's Certified Golf Coaches Association training should be a prerequisite for all golf coaches and instructors. Not only will certified coaches understand how to maximize their business potential, but Dr. Jensen’s passion, delivery and information are second to none. His training does not revolve around the latest swing theories, but instead it provides coaches with a clear understanding of how people learn and develop their skills."

Bill McInerney, Founder

My Golfing Goals Academy

Natick, MA


“Rick understands the teaching industry better than anyone I know. This Certification will forever change the perception of how golf should be taught as well as how students learn and retain information. I have always believed there is a “missing link” between teachers and students and I also believe Rick has bridged the gap.This certification training transforms teachers into coaches. As coaches we become more proficient in improving golfers’ success for the long term. Results will be retained over a longer period of time and withstand the pressures of golf at all levels because of Rick’s proven “Four Steps to Mastery.” This was the best investment I could have made for my career.”

Eve VanderWeele, Head of Instruction

The Golf Club at Briar’s Creek

Johns Island, SC


“Dr. Rick Jensen’s Certified Golf Coaches training has provided me with the necessary tools to offer more effective high-impact, long-term development programs. This certification program is an absolute must for any coach dedicated to maximizing their students’ results.”

Laird White, Director of Instruction

The Georgian Bay Club

Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada


“Although I have had a coaching program for the past 12 years, the Certified Golf Coaches Association program I attended tied up many loose ends for me. It gave me a clear understanding of motor learning that I need to achieve maximum success in coaching golf. The program provided the practical information that I was able to implement the day I got back from the program. It is a must-attend course for serious instructors.”

 Jackie Cannizzo, Director of Instruction

Country Club of Roswell

Roswell, Georgia


“Dr. Jensen offers a coaching certification program that has exposed me to a revolutionary approach to improving my instruction skills.

Dr. Rick shared his knowledge of the “Four Steps to Mastery” approach. These four steps are discussed in his wonderful book Easier Said Than Done and provided insight that I have never seen before in any other educational offering.”

 Steve Patterson, Director of Instruction

Fossil Trace Golf Club

Golden, CO


“To be involved with an elite group of individuals who treat golf training like other sports is wonderful.  The Certified Golf Coaches Association Program allows that to happen. As an added bonus, it provides a game plan for generating the income quality golf coaches deserve.”

Bob Percey, Founder

Inner Circle Golf Academy

Northville, MI


“The golfing culture has misled golfers about the process one must go through to improving one’s game. Dr. Jensen did a great job of explaining the four steps to mastery and showing me how to incorporate mastery into my lessons. This will make me a better Coach as I take my students through the four steps.”

Tom O'Brien, Academy Instructor

Rick Smith Golf Academy

Tiburon Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, FL


“The Certified Golf Coaches Association training is the real deal. Dr. Rick Jensen delivers from an authentic base of scientific research to enhance your skills in developing a golfer’s performance.”  

Karen Bukowski, LPGA and PGA

Millcreek Golf & Learning Center

Erie, PA


“I really think this is the new way to teach golf. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the driving range assembly line mentality. Dr. Rick opened my eyes to an understanding of motor learning and how it applies to building a golf swing and he provided the practical tools to help my students learn faster and retain the improvement longer.”

Kevin Weeks, Director of Instruction

Cog Hill G. & C.C.

Lemont, IL

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To become a Certified Golf Coach visit or call 954-752-3333.