Dunning Golf - GBN Partner Plus

Dunning Golf - GBN Partner Plus

GBN Member Exclusive Benefits From Dunning Golf:  

By supporting the DG brand and qualifying for seasonal program minimums, GBN members will receive the following discounts as normal: 

  • Receive 7.5% discount on all product purchases (normal logo charges apply) 
  • Receive 15% discount on qualifying tournament event orders (normal logo charges apply)   

Enhanced benefits include the following: 

  • Players Package orders receive a 15% discount; special orders for smaller special member outings, trips
  • Personal Use Program for staff members receive a 35% discount off wholesale pricing as opposed to the normal 25%
  • New Account Support for accounts introducing the brand into their shops for the first time:
    • Six (6) no-charge units per 72 pieces ordered for either:
    • Professional Staff 
    • The club’s leaders