Evolve Golf

Evolve Golf

Evolve Golf offers GBN members exclusive price discounts on every product that we make. GBN members also earn an additional 10% discount when you pre-book your tees, pitch mark repair tools, and ball markers for the season. Evolve Golf offers free shipping each time you bundle your tees, repair tools, and ball markers.

 EC2 Tee Gifts 

Developed with feedback from GBN Members, our new EC2 Tee Gift is perfect for your next Member Event, or Outing. The EC2 Tee Gifts can be custom built with any combination of Epoch Tees, Repair Tools, Metals, or even include custom Motionwool Socks. Cost is completely up to you, based on what Evolve Golf items you would like to add to the box. The full box with Epoch tees, 2 EC2 Metals, and a pair of Motionwool socks is just $35.
EC2 Foundry Metals
Unique hand forged, hand stamped, custom finished metal pieces. Available in low minimums with multiple custom options. Add a unique item to your shops selections. Available only for green grass shops! 

Custom Logoed Half Dollar Ball Markers - $9.03 each

Custom Logoed Quarter Size Ball Markers - $8.55 each

Custom Logoed Flat P1Rx Repair Tools - $10.50 each

36 Piece Minimum Order. Finishes can be mixed. 

From mills right here in North Carolina, our new Motionwool Socks are blended with durable, moisture wicking fibers and includes extra features like true mesh venting and non-slip foot bed. The most durable, breathable, and comfortable sock built for Golf, and much more. Available in full custom with your club’s logo and colors woven right into the sock! Low minimums starting at just 96 pairs, at a GBN Member price of $8.55 each. Great for event gifts!


Project Good Woods. Wood tees that plant trees!

A portion of every Project Good Woods sale goes to the Arbor Day Foundation to help reforestation and habitat renewal efforts in your region. Project Good Wood tees are available in sturdy Birch, or economical Bamboo. Both are available for shaft and cup printing. Birch PGW tees are $20.52 per thousand with a pre-book discount, and Bamboo PGW are $17.10 per thousand with a pre-book discount.


Evolve’s Epoch line of durable golf tees set the standard for the golf tee market. Epoch tees replaced wood tees at more than 1,000 golf facilities ridding tee boxes of more than 2.1 billion broken wood tees and counting. 
The Epoch is available in bulk for your complementary tee needs. GBN Member Pricing with a pre-book discount is $23.94 per thousand for any size or color. Custom logo printing is an additional $17 per thousand for a one-color logo, $20 per thousand for a two-color logo, and $27 per thousand for cup imprint. Print prices are based on a 5,000-piece order, discounts available for larger orders.


Evolve’s P1Rx line pitch mark repair tools are quickly becoming the preferred choice of superintendents. 
Slim, ergonomic, quality repair tools. Give your players a better way to fix their marks. 
Custom imprinting, and quick turn arounds. 1,000 pieces $304 with custom logo. Prices decrease with larger orders.

Evolve Golf Ball Markers are available in multiple colors, sizes, and finishes. 
Evolve Golf Ball Markers are available in multiple colors, and sizes. Custom imprinting with no minimum order! Cost, free! When you order your tees and repair tools with Evolve Golf. We will provide free custom logoed ball marker with qualifying pre-book order of multiple products. Cost when not bundling start at $74 for 1,000 with custom logo.