Golf Digest Top 50 Greatest Teachers 2009-10 Announced

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Golf Digest Top 50 Greatest Teachers 2009-10 Announced

The new Top 50 Greatest Teachers as ranked by their peers is now on newstands in the August issue of Golf Digest.

AMF members took 23 of the 50 spots on this year's list.

Here is the Top 50 (AMF Members in bold):

1. Butch Harmon
2. Hank Haney
3. David Leadbetter
4. Jim McLean
5. Chuck Cook
6. Stan Utley
7. Jim Hardy
8. Jim Flick
9. Mike Bender
10. Martin Hall
11. Rick Smith
12. Bob Toski
13. Randy Smith
14. Dr. Gary Wiren
T-15. Manuel de la Torre
T-15. Dr. Jim Suttie
17. Craig Shankland
18. Pia Nilsson
19. Dave Pelz
20. Todd Anderson
21. Jack Lumpkin
22. Peter Kostis
23. Mike McGetrick
24. Mike Malaska
25. Jimmy Ballard
26. Mac O'Grady
27. Michael Hebron
28. Rob Akins
29. Craig Harmon
30. Mike LaBauve
31. Mike Adams
32. John Elliott, Jr.
33. Laird Small
34. Ben Doyle
T-35. Peggy Kirk Bell
T-35. Dave Phillips
T-37. Lynn Marriott
T-37. Phil Rodgers
39. Bob Ford
T-40. Gale Peterson
T-40. Todd Sones
42. Don Hurter
43. Rick Martino
44. Hank Johnson
45. Mike Shannon
46. Dana Rader
47. Tom Ness
T-48. Eric Alpenfels
T-48. Darrell Kestner
T-48. Dean Reinmuth

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Arguably, I think it's also important to note that 9 of the teachers on this list are not Class "A" PGA Professionals. Unless there are extenuating circumstances as to why they are not Class "A", if you work hard enough, cultivate a genuine passion for teaching, and demonstrate unique style and substance as an instructor, you can find success as a teacher without your Class "A" status. Will earning your Class "A" help you? Absolutely. But should it be depended on? Maybe not. Its arguable.
Posted by Brian Dobak on March 3, 2010 @ 5:22 pm

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