Comprehensive Golf Operations Consulting

The golf industry landscape has been shaken by todayís uncertain economic environment. Expert guidance is needed to navigate the obstacles faced by golf operations, whether distressed or thriving. GBN has developed innovative solutions to help owners, club leaders, lenders and investors navigate difficult market conditions, providing solutions to the most complex issues.

GBN creates valuable opportunities and delivers effective results for a range of private clubs, resorts and daily-fee facilities. Our experts work closely with owners, club leaders, lenders and investors to improve operations, minimize risk and maximize the value of golf assets.

Our team possesses decades of experience as golf professionals, golf industry executives and consultants for golf operations of many types. GBN professionals can easily assume the role of manager and oversee every facet of the golf facility expertly. Operational evaluations, personnel fulfillment and facility management are just a few of the services GBN offers.

Golf Operations Evaluation

GBN offers comprehensive and independent evaluations for golf operations of all sizes. This valuable service is designed to provide a facility with access to industry experts who possess the knowledge to properly analyze its golf operation and suggest areas that can be enhanced to maximize value to the membership. Providing comprehensive services that can be custom-tailored to each client has been at the heart of GBNís success. It all starts with a proper evaluation of the operation.

Golf Operation Evaluation Services

GBN operational evaluations include:

  • Examination of current operational budgets to determine areas of immediate need and areas where cost savings can be realized
  • Review of current equipment leases
  • Evaluation of the current Profit and Loss forecast and a breakdown of the methodology used to develop the forecast
  • Evaluation of current personnel and staffing levels across the operation
  • Review of the golf course maintenance budget and agronomic practices
  • Review of the golf retail operation, including its buying plan
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Evaluation of the club food-and-beverage operation
  • Setting of appropriate benchmarks for your operations through comparison of its metrics to appropriate industry standards
  • Recommendations for each area of the golf operation to function within existing budgets to achieve immediate season-long success and future growth
  • Identification of the current operationís strengths and constructive commentary on areas deserving improvement Following a review of the data, GBN provides potential methods to create incentives for the staff that drives revenue while keeping expenses in check

Below are some of the clubs that have benefited from our Golf Facility Consulting Services.

  • Country Club of Landfall (NC)
  • Country Club of North Carolina (NC)
  • Essex County Country Club (NJ)
  • Glen View Club (IL)
  • San Jaoquin Country Club (CA)
  • Country Club of St. Albans (MO)

Building an Action Plan

Based on the Golf Operation Evaluation, GBN Golf Management assembles the information needed to develop a comprehensive Action Plan for implementation. This Action Plan focuses on the following specifics:

  • Determine potential budget revisions
  • Develop organizational chart to be implemented in the following areas
    • Golf Professional staff
    • Golf course maintenance staff
    • Sales and marketing staff
    • Food and beverage staff
  • Determine the immediate staffing changes needed and identify potential replacements
  • Develop a buying plan for the golf shop
  • Revise the sales and marketing plans for short-term gain
  • Revise the food and beverage plan to maximize consumption
  • Determine the proper benchmarks for the facility
  • Build an incentive-based compensation program for the managers that maximizes each departmentís potential

Monthly Management

GBN has the ability to assume a facilityís day-to-day operations. Our managers implement the Action Plan and oversee the staff in daily operation. This effort will concentrate in the following four areas:

  • Golf operations
  • Golf course maintenance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Food and beverage

Additionally, GBN Golf Management has the ability to utilize outside consultants to accomplish all goals and objectives outlined. Further biographical information about our experts can be furnished upon request.

Preparing a Golf Operation for Sale

If the intent is to sell the property, GBN Golf Management has the unique ability to focus on streamlining the operation to maximize cash flow and profitability. Each of the previous phases of implementation would be factored into the pursuit of this goal.

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