Professionals Setting Golf’s Highest Performance Standards
Golf Business Network was established by veteran golf professionals to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Its founding principles were simple: Even the most accomplished professionals need ongoing guidance and support to deliver greater value to their clubs. Likewise, golf clubs require state-of-the-art data and consulting to satisfy member demand.
GBN’s services on behalf of the industry’s most dedicated golf professionals has allowed them to:
  • Navigate the industry’s difficult business conditions 
  • Continue building their skill sets to maximize professional opportunities 
  • Strengthen job security and increase compensation
Today, GBN has more than 1,000 golf professionals among its members. The company has expanded its mission to include career development services for Assistants who aspire to become Head Golf Professionals.
GBN added a separate Instructor Division for the game’s full-time teachers. Its function is to help instructors improve their business acumen, develop marketing and branding expertise and stay in step with cutting-edge teaching and coaching concepts.
Both the Golf Professional and Instructor Divisions contain a Who’s Who of talented professionals from across North America and more than 10 overseas countries. The result is an unparalleled network that members tap for assistance and ideas on any career-related topic.
GBN also offers a unique set of consulting services to golf facilities, including comprehensive golf operations evaluations and completely confidential searches to fill Director of Golf, Head Golf Professional and Director of Instruction positions. GBN has successfully established a customized process that allows a club to objectively assess its needs and identify the ideal golf professional for their particular situation.
The goal has been clear since the day GBN opened its doors: to create Innovative Solutions for the Golf Industry that benefit all parties involved and elevate the professionals who protect and grow one of the greatest games ever created.