How to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

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How to Lower Your Credit Card Processing Fees

To all AMF Members:

If you accept credit cards, it is likely that you are paying too much for your credit card processing fees. That’s why we have partnered with Niles Crum and Payment Processing Direct®, one of the largest independently owned providers of electronic payment solutions.

Payment Processing Direct processes more than $6 billion in transactions with accounts such as AT&T, Cisco, and Frito Lay. Because of their large volume of business, they are able to offer extremely competitive rates and have found that most golf professionals are paying excessive fees for credit card processing.

Niles and Payment Processing Direct is not only the credit card processor for AMF Golf Management but also many of our members including Mike Bender and Rick Grayson, where he was able to reduce their cost in this area of their business.

As one of our valued members, we have arranged to have Niles provide you with a FREE cost analysis to determine if he can lower your credit card processing costs AND improve the quality of service you receive in this area.

Special Offer:

Since Niles will be attending the PGA Show and helping us run transactions for the AMF luncheons on Thursday and Friday, if you email ( or fax (630-599-1315) your last three merchant statements by January 20, 2011 Niles will prepare a thorough cost analysis showing the monthly and annual savings for your business and present his findings to you at the show.

We thank you for your continued support of AMF and will continue to look for ways where we can help you increase profits, lower expenses and grow your golf business.

Best regards,

Bob Mulcahy

President & CEO

NOTE: As an added benefit a portion of Payment Processing Direct’s proceeds from all AMF member accounts goes towards funding ……
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I have worked with many merchant service providers over the last decade and Limitless Paymints has set itself apart from the rest. Give them a call 888-900-0072The guys at Limitless will pay attention to your business's needs and offer you solutions that work for you. For me, it was just a simple POS system. I worked with Limitless and told them what I needed and they set me up with a POS that fit those needs, rather than up-selling something I didn't want or need. They made themselves available to show me how to use it, the different features, and assured me that should I need assistance, they'll be there. The customer service was top notch and I know that should an issue ever come up, I can rely on them to help me. www.limitlesspaymints.comIf you have any concerns about your current merchant services processor give them a call and let them show you why they are better than the rest.
Posted by JON on March 5, 2018 @ 4:48 pm

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