The Story Behind the Top Teacher Lists

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The Story Behind the Top Teacher Lists

By Lorin Anderson, AMF Golf Management

Golf instructors usually love me or hate me, depending upon whether or not they are one of the “chosen ones”. You know, the teachers who appear on the best teacher lists that are now published by just about every major golf publication, teaching organization and even some golf club manufacturers. The lists can be for “Best in America”, Best Women Teachers”, “Best Junior Instructors” “Best Teachers in New York” or “Best in Europe.” You name it and there is probably a list of top teachers for that niche or region.

Whether you think the lists are valuable or not, I’m happy to take full responsibility for the instructor list boom as I was the Managing Editor for Instruction at GOLF Magazine when I approached the magazine’s editor at a dinner in New Orleans during the 1994 PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit to recommend that we start a Top 100 Teachers list...

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I couldn't agree with you more. I was thrilled to be named a Top Teacher in the Midwest by Golf Magazine in the 90's because I knew there was a science to the evaluations and it wasn't purely political. For some of the other lists, there were teachers who only taught part time or even didn't teach at all anymore. It was appaling to those of us who had spent our entire career on the lesson tee and were booked full. I had spent the years leading up to getting ranked at the Michael Jordan Golf Center ironically run by AMF as Director of Instruction. I was slammed and was also listed as a Top 10 by Golf Digest in the state of Illinois. My last name was Long at the time. I went through a blindsiding divorce and moved back home to St. Louis changing back to my maiden name. The question has been posed by many students as to how I could be a Top 10 in Illinois with thousands of golf professionals, but not even be recognized in Missouri with a much smaller level of competition. The name change could have something to do with it, but I firmly believe it is more political. As a member of the LPGA and now a busy mom, I'm not in the PGA, not involved as much and therefore not known by them. I've always promoted the Golf Magazine list as the truest because we actually had to fill out essay questions and get evalutated. It wasn't about who you know. Fortunatly I do think most students undestand that lists in any profession are often political. I didn't raise my rate when I got on the list because I was still teaching the same way. My good friend John Elliott who has been a top 50 with both Golf mags forever hasn't raised his either. I don't think it should be a means for taking more money from students. But I guess if you are booked completely solid you have a good reason for raising your rates a bit. It's good for students to know which teachers are considered the best so they can make a good choice, but I do believe a lot more time should go into evaluating teachers and their success before they are named a top anything.
Posted by Maria Palozola on January 31, 2012 @ 11:43 am

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