Marketing Instruction

Today's Topic:
How to Write Your Professional Biography

With a Few Key Concepts and Techniques You Can Create a Great Biography for Your Teaching Brand

Today's Topic:
Every high-level teacher will need to have a variety of professional biographies for different needs and there are some very important keys to making your personal story memorable and relevant to your audiences. Thatís right, you actually need more than one bio depending upon the venue. Your website, marketing materials, book, Facebook page, blog and/or introduction as a speaker all require variations on the main theme which is to tell your professional story in a concise and informal way. This segment shows you how to make the most of these opportunities.

This series of insights into various marketing and selling activities are written specifically for the GBN Instructor Division membership. These topic summaries will be published as often as possible as individual guides.

At this time, as each installment is released it will be posted in the members only website in the Instructor menu under Instructor Business Templates and will be archived there until reformatted into a single template. Go there now to download this new installment and all past topics.

More to come soon and please let us know if you have a marketing-related topic you'd like for us to research.