AMF Benefit Update:

Teaching Teachers Programs

Opportunities for Members to Improve their Teaching Skills are Now Available

The secret to becoming a great golf instructor is being exposed to a variety of credible influences and ideas. We are pleased to be able to offer AMF members discounted rates to attend most of the following seminars and certification programs at pricing not available to other professionals. The following programs are for golf instructors only and additional dates may be available on some of these programs. Unless otherwise indicated the next available seminar or certification dates are listed below.

All questions should be directed to the organization or instructor hosting the program. To reserve a spot in any of these programs, contact the host directly using the contact information listed below.

All of the program information included below my also be found under TEACHING TEACHERS under the ALL MEMBERS menu at

We hope you'll take advantage of some of these outstanding opportunities to grow your teaching skills.




WHAT:           Have you ever wished to improve your own short game as well as learn how to teach more than 50 shots from within 75 yards of the hole? Then this is the session for you. Putting will be divided into speed control and green reading. Chipping – shots within 10 yards of the green – from all types of lies will be discussed. Pitching will cover shot selection from various yardages and bunker play will be covered on the golf course.


WHEN:           June 1-2 (Wednesday-Thursday)  9:30-11:00 and 12:30-3:00 daily.


WHERE:         Jupiter Hills G.C., Jupiter, Florida




HOW MUCH:   AMF member rate $750, standard professional rate $950.


CONTACT:       Bill Davis at 561-346-6721 or





WHAT:          Become a Certified Golf Coach! Are you looking to expand your teaching business, coaching expertise and professional credentials?  In collaboration with top sport scientists in the golf industry, Dr. Rick Jensen provides golf coaches with golf-specific education and training in:

                           THE ART AND SCIENCE OF GOLF COACHING

·      Facilitating skill acquisition and accelerating learning

·      The application of sport science (motor learning, fitness, biomechanics and sport psychology)

·      Assessing essential golf skills

·      Applying practice and feedback strategies

·      Motivating and communicating with students

·      Transferring skills to the golf course

·      Training mental toughness and self-management


                            BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FOR GOLF COACHES

·      Making money: Increasing your income and profitability

·      Growing your coaching business year-over-year

·      Working smarter, not harder

·      Differentiating your coaching from traditional teaching

·      Marketing and promoting your coaching business


The Certified Golf Coach designation is an advanced certification for established golf professionals with prior experience in the golf industry. The curriculum is designed for those who have significant golf teaching experience and the desire and ability to:

·      Increase Your Coaching Effectiveness

·      Credential Yourself as an Expert

·      List Your Services on Our Certified Golf Coach On-Line Locator

·      Further Your Professional Development

·      Collaborate with a Network of Certified Golf Coaches

·      Learn the Best Practices of Top Golf Coaches


WHEN:            March 28-31, 2011  (Fall dates to be announced this summer)


WHERE:          PGA National Resort and Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Participants will receive credits from PGA or LPGA.


HOW MUCH:  $1,495 for the 3 ˝ day Coach Training Program and an annual membership fee of $295. AMF members receive a $100 discount on the annual membership fee as long as you are an AMF member.


CONTACT:      For more about becoming a Certified Golf Coach visit or call 954-752-3333.





WHAT:          Hank Haney’s Coaching and Strategy Seminar is an intensive, three-day training program designed exclusively for golf coaches and teaching professionals.


Train Directly with Hank

This advanced Coaching Seminar provides a unique opportunity to train directly with Hank Haney and learn about his coaching strategies, philosophy related to the swing plane, impact and ball flight correction. Participants will observe Hank's teaching methods using the most sophisticated technology and training equipment available. A combination of full swing video analysis software, Science and Motion putting software, range instruction along with Hank’s unique "hands-on" approach will provide a realistic learning environment for the analysis, direction, and corrections to the student’s ball flight and swing shape.


New for 2011

  • Gain valuable and personal insight into Hank’s lesson strategies and teaching techniques.  You’ll experience your very own “Haney Project” which will include defining goals, evaluating performance, setting milestones, developing effective lesson plans, implementing skills tests and providing inspiration and motivation.  
  • Industry leading experts will present their insights on topics including managing the mental game, club fitting, practice equipment, fitness and nutrition.
  • A variety of technology manufacturers will conduct on-site demos of training tools, practice equipment and teaching technologies.


Develop Your Own Game

Each participant will have the opportunity to work personally with Hank and his staff of teaching professionals on full swing, putting, chipping and pitching techniques as well as practice and develop their own teaching and playing skills.

WHEN:           March 11-13, 2011, 8:30-4:30 each day

WHERE:        Hank Haney Golf - World Headquarters

2791 S. Stemmons Pkwy

Lewisville, Texas





HOW MUCH: $1,270 special AMF member pricing – while supplies last – space is limited.  Includes continental breakfast, lunch and snacks and all seminar materials.  Register at and use promo code AMF11TTT during check out. Regular price is $1,495.








WHAT:          Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year, offers intensive certification courses that explain the theories and research behind the LAWs of the Golf Swing, originally published in 1998 in book form and also one of the most popular GOLF Magazine cover stories ever.

Seminars are now being scheduled for this Spring and Fall. This seminar gives the instructor a chance to understand and interact with the theory that one swing does not fit all and how to adjust golf instruction to the variety of physical abilities (biomechanics) and swing styles the student brings to the range. “How do the principles of the swing fit in with unique swing style and physical strengths and weaknesses of each student?

The LAWS emphasize that there is no one swing for all golfers but all golfers have their own swing. The LAWS helps the student find his or her best swing adhering to the principles of physics and biomechanics by identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses in multiple areas.

  • Body type/swing type match up
  • Physical characteristics including body type, flexibility, strength, etc.
  • Prescreening tests to determine what the student can do
  • Ball flight preference
  • Developing student’s natural style through “matching swing fundamentals


Sample Agenda:

Day 1

8:30               Introduction and Welcome



                                        Explanation of 3 Swing Types  

                                        Hybrid Swings

                                        Match up fundamentals to the individual golfer’s swing

12:00             Lunch


                                        Live lessons –Giving a lesson

                                        Identifying what is important and what is not

                                        Correcting ball flight

3:00               Break


                                        Live Lessons showing matching up swing elements

                                        Dealing with unusual problems

                                        Mis-matched Fundamentals

5:00-5:30       Test & Questions


Day 2

8:30               Review Day 1

9:00-10:00     Test and Discussions


            Identifying the most important elements in a golf swing e.g. turn, path,

     plane, set up, etc.

  Identifying what to change and what to leave alone

  How equipment affects the release point and how you move your body

12:00                Lunch

1:00-3:00       Evaluation of students teaching student

3:15-4:15       Test

4:15-5:00       Discussion of test results and wrap up


WHEN:         Illinois - Spring/Summer 2011, Dates TBD

Northern California - September 2011, Dates TBD

Florida - Fall/Winter 2011, Dates TBD


WHERE:       Cog Hill, Lemont, IL and TwinEagles, Naples, FL and others


CONTINUING EDUCATION: PGA and LPGA Professionals receive MSR hours.


HOW MUCH:  AMF members $900, Standard professional rate $1,200.


CONTACT:      Dr. Jim Suttie at or 800-785-3838.





WHAT:         The David Leadbetter Associate Instructor Program is a multi-level online golf instructors training curriculum designed around the world renowned teaching philosophy of David Leadbetter.  If you have ever wanted to take your current career as an instructor to the next level, this program will get you there.


This unique and comprehensive program focuses on the innovative teaching techniques that have made David Leadbetter the world’s number one golf instructor, and whose player’s have amassed over a dozen Major Championship titles and over 150 individual worldwide tournament victories.  David's coaching has spanned three decades and he has often been recognized as the "man who invented the modern golf instruction industry".


With three levels of certification, this state of the art instructors training program is completely online and incorporates a complete video library of David Leadbetter, who outlines what it takes to become a successful golf instructor, and guides you through the fundamentals of his teaching philosophy in both the full swing and short game.


Course Package includes:    

1 Year Membership to DLGA Associate Instructor Program                                       

1 Year V1 Pro Branded Academy Software  

1 Year Associate Membership to AMF                                                                       

Casio Exlim FH-EX100 High Speed Camera                                                                 

David Leadbetter SwingSetter & Glove                                                                                       

David Leadbetter’s ‘The Golf Swing’

David Leadbetter’s ‘Faults & Fixes’

David Leadbetter’s ‘100% Golf’

David Leadbetter’s  ‘Golf Digest Best Quick Tip’

Dr. Robert Winters ‘The Ten Commandments of Mind Power Golf’

Ken Blanchard ‘Raving Fans’


See for complete program details.


WHEN:            2011 Course Schedule

Level 1 - 8 weeks completely online (optional final week workshop)


Semester 1     February 28th – April 24th

Semester 2     May 9th  – July 3rd

Semester 3     August 8th  – October 2nd

Semester 4     October 17th  – December 11th


WHERE:          Online plus optional workshop in Orlando




HOW MUCH:    $4,995


CONTACT: or 888-633-5323 for more information.





WHAT:           The Jim McLean Golf School will be hosting a Teach the Teachers training session. Our instructor staff has an impressive playing resume to accompany their extensive teaching experience. In total, our current staff has played in 128 Major Championships and 65 USGA Championships. We employ the largest golf school teaching staff in the country and many of our teachers have been recognized among the Best in State and Top 100 Teachers. We are focused on golfer improvement.


Day One

8:00-12:00    Class room:

Jim McLean Teaching System- Proven Success for all Levels

                                                How to Apply the System to Different Customer Segments

                                                Implementing Video Analysis into Teaching

                                                Proper Filming and the Comparison Model

                                                Fundamentals of Golf

                                                Jim McLean “Death Moves”


12:00-1:00    Lunch


1:00-5:00       On the Practice Tee at the Jim McLean Golf School

 Structuring a great clinic or golf school?

 Superstation: How We Incorporate Video and

    Emerging Technology into Golfer Improvement

  Short Game: The basics for private lessons and

     group presentations


Day Two

8:00-12:00    Class room:

25% Theory-How to become a Total Game Teacher

                                       Teaching Advanced Players

                                       Method Teaching vs. Teaching a System

                                       Body Motion: Applying the X factor              


12:00-2:00    Lunch


1:00-4:00      8 Step Swing: Safety Zones and Position Teaching

 Closing: How to close a clinic, lesson, and create repeat business

What Really Matters in Putting?


WHEN:          November 6-7, 2011


WHERE:        Doral Resort and Spa in Miami, FL


CONTINUING EDUCATION:  PGA Professionals receive 13 MSR hours


HOW MUCH:  $690.


CONTACT:      Please contact Josh Points at to register.






WHAT:           This clinic is designed for the coach who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the bio-mechanical principles Harold Swash Putting believes are required to put consistently under pressure.


Harold Swash Putting Ltd has coached some of the world’s leading professional players including Padraig Harrington, Martin Kaymer, Henrik Stenson, Ross Fisher, Oliver Wilson, David Howell and Edoardo Molinari, just to name a few.


Utilizing Harold Swash’s 40 years-plus experience, as well as drawing on his own, through his coaching role on the European and PGA Tour, Director of Instruction Phillip Kenyon, brings you an insight and informative seminar designed to educate golf teaching professionals on the theory of putting whilst giving them a practical insight into how to improve their own and their students’ individual techniques.


  • Add more than 45 years knowledge of one of the top European putting coaches to your current putting instruction and make it a profit center on its own.
  • Add an up-to-tour-standards putter-fitting program to your coaching business.
  • Gain advantage over your peers by specializing in putting instruction and adding an accredited instructors title to your resume.
  • Learn how to use state of the art technologies and training aids during your putting lessons.
  • Increase your revenue from coaching, putter and training aid sales.


Course hosts:

Phil Kenyon, PGA

  • Director of Instruction, European Tour Coach, European Ryder Cup Team Coach
  • MSc Sports Science
  • BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology and Sport Science


Michel Monnard, PGA

  • Swash Putting Schools Director USA
  • Level 2 Accredited Instructor


Players that we have a current coaching relation:

World Ranking/European Tour Ranking (rankings on 1/1/11)

  • Edoardo Molinari, WR 19, ETR 11
  • Ross Fisher, WR 33, ETR 4
  • Peter Hanson, WR 40, ETR 16
  • Henrik Stenson, WR 51, ETR 49
  • Darren Clarke, WR 97, ETR 30
  • David Horsey, WR 92, ETR 32
  • Joost Luiten,  WR 100, ETR 28
  • Chris Wood, WR 107, ETR 53
  • Simon Khan, WR 129, ETR 25
  • Richie Ramsay, WR 143, ETR 47


Day 1

9:00-9:30 am                        Welcome & Introduction

9:30-10:30 am                      Data Capture

10:30-10:45 am                    Coffee Break (Data preparation)

10:45-11:30 am                    Harold Swash Coaching Fundamentals

11:30-1:00 pm                      Harold Swash Coaching Preferences and Assessment procedure

1:00-2:00 pm                        Lunch time

2:00-4:00 pm                        Attendants in-depth Analysis

4:00-5:00 pm                        Putter Fitting

5:00-6:00 pm                        Overspill & Questions


Day 2

9:00-1:00 pm                        World of Practical Putting Coaching, Teaching Aids, Drills, Putter Fitting

1:00-2:00 pm                        Lunch time

2:00-2:30 pm                        Use of the Website log-in area, instructors online forum, marketing

2:30-3:00 pm                        Learning Control Exam

3:30-4:00 pm                        Certificates, Pictures, Feedback

4:00-5:00 pm                        Overspill & Questions


WHEN:            April 17-18, 2011


WHERE:          World of Golf

                     7400 Woodspoint Dr.

                     Florence, KY 41042


CONTINUING EDUCATION: Accredited Instructors courses are accepted by the

                      PGA of GB&I, the Australian PGA and all European PGA’s.


HOW MUCH: Cost (AMF special offer, if available): $1,300US. Regular rate is $1,400US.

CONTACT:      Michel Monnard, Director HSPSE USA

 Phone: +34 639 635 634




WHAT:            Putting is up to 45% of the golf score, yet very few instructors focus on this crucial part of the game. This program is an innovative approach to help the PGA professional specialize in putting instruction, adding an additional income stream to their business and allowing them to become leaders in this niche market with the overall goal of helping golfers putt better.

This online certification is a holistic approach to putting with a foundation on scientific principles. It was developed by Frank Thomas, inventor of the graphite shaft and former USGA Technical Director and is based on over 10 years of experience in teaching and researching putting. Assisted by an Advisory Board comprised of seven PhD’s in various disciplines, the facts about putting (rather than a “method”) are delivered through the course materials, which you can readily apply to your instruction.

Course Curriculum:  The Twelve Fundamentals of Putting

1. Diagnostics
2. Putter Fitting
3. Grip
4. Ball Position
5. Set-up and Alignment
6. Lock and Rock
7. Swing Plane
8. Rhythm
9. Eye Movement
10. Pre-Shot Routine
11. Green Reading
12. Practice Drills


                     Putter Technology

1. Putter Design
2. Putter Styles
3. Putter Rules
4. Impact

Ideas for Your Business

1. Putting Lessons and Your Business
2. Marketing and Promotion
3. Increasing Your Income
4. Happy Customers


Apply what you have learned!

WHEN:         You can enroll in this course at any time. You will receive log in information within two days and you can complete the certification according to your own schedule. It will take approximately 6-8 hours to complete the course.

WHERE:        Online

CONTINUING EDUCATION:  PGA of America: 5 Education MSR’s; PGA of Great Britain and Ireland: 40 CPD points; PGA of South Africa: 200 CPD points

HOW MUCH: $675 standard rate. Special limited time offer for AMF members: $575 if you enroll before March 31, 2011. The cost includes two fitting putters which can be custom fit and sold to your students with a retail value of $179 each, for a total of $358.

CONTACT:      Find out more about the course by visiting When enrolling, please enter “AMF” in coupon area when checking out online to apply special offer for AMF.  Questions?  Please call Valerie Melvin or Vanessa Buttery (Course Administrator) on 407-396-4004 or email




WHAT:          Among the conference’s main objectives is enhancing the understanding of TrackMan data and improving the use of TrackMan technology for all TrackMan users. The objectives will be accomplished through the presentations of significant research and insights about TrackMan data, the relationships amongst club delivery, launch conditions, and the resulting ball flight, as well best practices for coaching, fitting, practice, and technique. Further, attendees will receive significant training on the recently released TrackMan Performance Studio software.


Guest speakers Henry Brunton, Canadian National Team Head Coach, and Conrad Ray, Men's Coach at Stanford University, will join TrackMan inventor Fredrik Tuxen and other top industry professionals to present unique insights on how to best use TrackMan technology for effective player development.


By attending the conference, attendees will develop and improve the following knowledge, skills and capabilities:

·      Utilizing the different TrackMan applications, including TrackMan Performance Studio.

·      Further understanding TrackMan data.

·      Comprehending the different variables and how they are measured and related.

·      Incorporating the club delivery numbers into coaching, lessons, and fittings

·      Developing new revenue opportunities

·      Understanding how club delivery and impact position affect ball launch and ball flight

·      Diagnosing client swing and equipment issues using TrackMan results data.


For additional information, visit


WHEN:          March 10-12, 2011


WHERE:        PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, Port St. Lucie, FL


CONTINUING EDUCATION:  PGA/LPGA members will receive continuing education.


HOW MUCH:  FREE for TrackMan customers with current subscription; $295 TrackMan customer – not-current; $495 all others


CONTACT:      Matt Frelich 810-599-0113 or