The Latest Idea to Save the Game

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The Latest Idea to Save the Game

It seems everyone is looking for a cure for golf's continuing slide in participation. Last week's Golf 20/20 conference painted a stark picture of the situation. This conference was started more than a decade ago with the goal of fostering 20 million additional golfers over the next 20 years. More than halfway through the 20 year cycle, the number of golfers in America has actually DECREASED since the Golf 20/20 initiative began!

Everyone is looking for answers to golf's major issues, which are time, resources and access. For example, Jack Nicklaus is espousing building and offering 12 hole rounds here...

Barney Adams is the latest to weigh in here on how to make the game faster and more fun...

If you don't already have a bookmark on, you should add one now. This is the best blog in the game today and offers a daily dose of what is good and not so good about the game and the industry. A must read for anyone in the business.

Remember, GBN's year-long initiative to help you drive more player development at your facility with our No Golfer Left Behind series of webinars and articles throughout 2011. Today, every golf professional must become part of the solution for growing the game.

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