A Message from GBN Partner USchedule:

Here are Two Simple Ways You Can Get More Student Bookings

1. Augment your current website with an optimized mobile website.
2. Allow your students to book lessons right from their smart phones.

Recent statistics about smart phones:
•  The smartphone market is now larger than the PC market
•  46% of cell phone users have smartphones
•  25% of US mobile web users only access the web from their smartphone
•  65% of users use their smartphone to find a business to make a purchase
•  67% of consumers will use their smartphones to find business locations
•  51% of consumers use their smartphone to obtain product information

It’s no longer enough to have just a website to keep up with the technology that consumers require, you will also need a mobile optimized website for these devices.

Fortunately USchedule has the solution. We can build and host your website, mobile website, and scheduler; all in one place. When a student goes to your website address, our software will detect if they are on a desktop/laptop computer or on a mobile device and automatically direct them to either your full size website or your optimized mobile website.

The USchedule scheduler is now available in a mobile version, so when your students are using their mobile device, they are automatically redirected to USchedule mobile for booking lessons. No new login is required. All appointments flow seamlessly into the same scheduler you use on your computer or mobile device.

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