As of May 31st, 2011 AMF Golf Management is now Golf Business Network

  To the valued members, subscribers, sponsors and friends of AMF Golf Management Services, LLC and its affiliates, AMF Instructor Division, LLC and AMF Consulting Division, LLC.

 On May 31st, 2011, Bob Mulcahy  entered into an agreement to purchase the interests of Bob Ford and Steve Archer in AMF Golf Management Services, LLC. As a result, effective May 31st, 2011, business previously conducted by AMF Golf Management Services, LLC will be provided by Golf Business Network, LLC (GBN).

  Under the terms of the purchase, for a limited period, Bob and Steve will have a residual interest in the success of Golf Business Network, LLC, which will be run by Bob Mulcahy and Lorin Anderson. Bob and Lorin would like to thank Bob and Steve for their years of contribution to providing members and sponsors value in the golf industry.

Thank you for your years of support and look for more information about Golf Business Network, LLC.

Please feel free to contact Steve Archer, Bob Mulcahy, Bob Ford or Lorin Anderson with any questions.

To access Golf Business Network's website, please go to