3D Golf Swing Analysis.
Made simple.

Swinguru Pro 2.0 is now available!

This week GBN Instructor Division partner guru training systems announces the launch of Swinguru Pro 2.0.
Swinguru Pro is the world’s first markerless 3D golf training system. It combines full body 3D visualisation with simple intuitive and interactive feedback for golf swing analysis. It debuted in the United States at last Fall's GBN Instructor Summit.

The new version is now available on the website or through the distribution network! Guru Training Systems continues to revolutionize golf swing analysis. True to its mission "3D Golf Swing analysis. Made simple.", the company released yesterday its new version of Swinguru Pro. Visual feedback in the software is now improved with the introduction of two new views: top view and follow through. These upgrades are great additions to the real time feedback and analysis given by the system, with only one single 3D camera and without any special equipment.

A special balance plate is now available for the user and it doesn’t require any extra device. The system calculates the gravity centre displacements of the user during his swing and instantly gives him a pattern. The ‘key positions’ feature, that allows you to baseline a position for future reference, has also been reviewed, allowing the user now to record up to seven positions per swing, with four different clubs.

Swinguru Pro is designed to make golf lessons intuitive, fun and easy. Teachers can now control Swinguru Pro with an iPad application, besides a keyboard, mouse and, of course, hand gesture. To make those lessons even more comprehensive, Guru Training Systems has added multiple drawing tools that can be used with each view.

Students are now able to see their own 3D avatar and visually understand their positions in order to find the right move. A video showing all new features as well as screenshots of the application are available on the homepage of http://www.gurutrainingsystems.com. All customers can download the upgrade on the website. Swinguru Pro 2.0 is available for orders via our website.

Two pricing models exist: one-off or monthly payment, starting only at $149/month with two years of upgrades included!

About Guru Training Systems. Guru Training Systems (Belgium) is the founder and manufacturer of the Swinguru product line. The company specializes in real-time 3D analysis of sports movements. It also provides innovative sports teaching and learning experiences. Created in early 2010, Guru Training Systems pioneered computer gesture recognition technology for the golf industry. Guru Training Systems has become a favorite in golf academies, indoor golf-centers, golf courses, recreational events, hotels & resorts.

More information: http://www.gurutrainingsystems.com
Contact: Quentin Paquot, sales and marketing, qpaquot@guruts.com, +32.485.387.381